Annual Membership Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions / Membership fees are due on the 1st October each year.

The subscription fees are as follows:

£40.00 (£80 for 2 years) – Individual Members

£15.00 (£30 for 2 years) – Junior Members (under 18)

£35.00 (£70 for 2 years) – Country Membership (resident over 50 miles from Barton-le-Clay)

£5.00 (£10 for 2 years) – Associate Membership (for members’ spouses, partners and direct family members who wish to attend club events and meetings, but who do not actively participate as photographers)

There is a £1.50 attendance fee for members and £2.00 for visitors per meeting, which includes free refreshments.

For new members joining after 31 January, subscriptions will be at 50% of the appropriate rate.